Whether you are looking to revitalize a business unit or initiate an enterprise-wide transformation, TRILOC accompanies you every step of the way.


Investment Philosophy

TRILOC seeks to deliver superior returns for its investors by partnering with first-class management teams and sponsors to finance small and middle market companies.



Putting it in the Bank deposits, private lending, stock and mutual fund trading, trading in gold, silver and collectibles, investments in real estate and entertainment industry



“TRILOC made its foray in trading in 1986 in India and expanded to Germany and the US shortly thereafter. Over the years, TRILOC has developed a formidable knowledge base of suppliers, manufacturers and customers of various trading products.”


Welcome to Our TRILOC......!

TRILOC is a global company that provides services in Trading, Real Estate, Investment, Logistics, Event Organization, Consulting and Oil&Gas import & export. Our expertise in these fields has helped clients from diverse industries and countries including USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Ireland, Denmark, Israel, Norway, Russian Federation, and Sweden.

TRILOC is headquartered in USA and operates in more than 30 countries through its network of subsidiaries, partners and affiliates. Our reachspans the Americas, Asia Pacific, Africa and Europe. Currently, TRILOC has its main offices in USA, Germany, India and South Africa.

Our philosophy is to understand our customers’ needs and provide solutions that exceedthem. We provide our clients with all the business support they need to give them a competitive advantage over others.


We specialize in businesses with unique and defensible market positions, low to medium technology risk, quantifiable cash flows and reasonable capital expenditure and working capital needs.

Our Services

TRILOC is a global company that provides services inTrading, Real Estate, Investment, Logistics, Event Organization and Consulting. Our expertise in these fields has helped clients from diverse industries and countries.

Our Team

RAJAN LUTHRA – MANAGING PARTNER – CEO Mr. Luthra, Managing Partner, founded TRILOC LLC in 2007. Mr. Luthra has been involved for over 24 years with investing in buyout, distressed, etc...